Download ForgeMC on your Computer
Head over to Minecraft Forge and download your desired version of Forge. Ensure that you are using the required Java version for your selected ForgeMC version

Once the file has downloaded, move it into an empty folder in Desktop (for easy navigation). Then, click on the installer to run it. A Window like this should appear.

Follow the following steps carefully in order:
- Select, the Install Server button
- Click the three dots next to the file path, go to the folder you created above, and select New Folder
- Enter any name for the folder and then enter the folder and click Open in the bottom right of the menu
- Click OK to install the ForgeMC files into that folder

Once the files have installed, upload everything generated inside the new folder to your Something.Host service. This is easiest via SFTP.

It is highly recommended to install the files onto a clean service. Do not have other folders or worlds on your server before uploading the files. Doing this may cause errors with your server.

You should have uploaded two jar files and a folder called libraries.

Running ForgeMC
Once the files have been uploaded, rename the jar file that starts with forge to server.jar. Do not rename the minecraft_server file. You can now start your server. Make sure to accept the EULA.

Lastly you may need to change the server-port in to your server's given port that can be found above the console. This is the 5 numbers after the colon :.

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