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Usually to connect to a Minecraft server you need to input the IP and the port, such as 123.456.789:25580 but usually, numbers are hard to remember compared to words!

In this tutorial we will use CloudFlare to create a subdomain to connect to your server using a domain such as play.myserver.com !

You can use your domain provider DNS configuration system, the process should look exactly the same, but we recommend CloudFlare for all the perks and the fast DNS propagation it offers!

Step 1

First we need to go to the DNS area of our domain on CloudFlare

DNS Button on our CloudFlare domain dashboard

Step 2

Click on the "+ Add record" button

+ Add record button

Step 3

Fill the information as we show bellow:
Type: We want to create a SRV record, so select SRV
Name: The name you wish for the subdomain we want to use, in this case we want to use "play.myserver.com" so we will input play

If you do not want a subdomain and you want the whole domain to be the address, simple input @ instead of a word!
Service: Since we are using this for Minecraft, we will input _minecraft
Protocol: For Minecraft servers we need to use TCP
TTL: We want this to be on Auto
Priority and Weight: We want to set both at 0
Port: The port your server is using (can be found on your SomethingCP service dashboard), in this example 25580
Target: The target IP for your server (can also be found on your service dashboard), in this example 123.456.789

Click "Save" and you are done!

Example SRV record for our example server


You have successfully created a SRV record that now can be used to connect to your own Minecraft server!

Please note, since this is a DNS record it can a few moments for the record to properly mitigate!
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